What is the importance of Pigtail Catheters in the treatment of urological disorders?

The patients suffering from Kidney ailments have to undergo severe pain leading to stress and they fail to lead a normal life. There are several medical reasons, why a stone is formed in the kidney? The stone formed in the kidney slides through the ureter, which is a thin tube that connects the kidney to the bladder. The stone gets blocked in the ureter, thus preventing free flow of urine from the kidney to the bladder causing severe pain while passing urine. Thanks to ManishMedi’s innovative urology products, the patients are relieved from pain and stress. The pigtail catheter is one such product of Manish Medi Innovation which is to empty liquids to allow circulation into pleural spaces inside.

pigtail catheter

Features & Highlights of Pigtail Catheters

  1. The pigtail catheter is thin tube and has its end twirled or twisted resembling a pigtail and hence takes its name after it. The thin tube with twisted ends makes it easier to insert.
  2. The twisted end of Pigtail catheters keeps the tube intact and prevents to and fro movement in the body.
  3. The end of the pigtail catheter is connected to a pack or a bottle which is used to collect the liquid or any kind of waste substance coming out of the body.
  4. The pigtail catheter is widely used in emptying the liquid formed in the bile, bladder, and pancreas.
  5. The pigtail catheters are made using the finest raw materials which is soft and safe to use. Some of the materials used for making pigtail catheters are silicone elastic, latex, thermoplastic, elastomers etc.
  6. ManishMedi Innovation has ensured to provide the safest pigtail catheters which are easy to use and non-reactive to body liquids.

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