A  Catheter is a very important tube that can be inserted into the body cavity, duct, or vessel to drain fluids or air from pleural spaces internally. Urinary Catheters are very common type used in treating urinary disorders such as bladder and kidney ailments. Urinary Catheters are made of various materials such as Latex, Polyurethane or silicone. Manish Medi Innovation is specialized in production and marketing of variousCatheters used in different areas of applications.

During surgeries related to urinary aspects such as kidney stone removal, tumor removal from kidney or bladder Urinary Catheters are inserted in to the bladder of the patient in order to allow free flow of urine. The quality of the Catheter plays a very crucial role in terms of functionality and critical aspects of surgical procedures.

There are various types of Catheters and Fuley Catheter is one such important tube with an air balloon at one end and named after the designer Dr Fuley. Central venous Catheter is another type of Catheter used in the nerve of the neck area to inject medicines and essential drugs into the central nervous system. Some Catheters stay in the human body for longer duration and some stay in the human body for shorter duration based on the requirements of the patient. Installation and removal of Catheters are easy even trained nursing staff can perform this task easily and efficiently.

Pigtail Catheter