Pigtail Catheters By ManishMedi Innovation- The Best Urological Product

The medical sciences have made a remarkable feat in the providing optimum products that can effectually treat patients and relieve them from various disorders. The urinary disorder has been terrible issues in which the patients undergo severe pain and also suffer from psychological issues. They also find it difficult to discuss the problem with their physician. ManishMedi Innovation has come up with an optimum urological product called the Pigtail Catheter which can successfully empty liquids and allow circulation in the plural spaces inside.

Pigtail catheter

Features & benefits of Pigtail Catheters :

The pigtail catheter by ManishMedi Innovation is actually a thin tube with its ends curled up. As the curled ends resemble a pig’s tail, it is therefore named as the pigtail catheter.

These catheters are inserted into the body to remove unwanted liquids. It is to be noted that the pigtail catheters have curled up ends to keep the tube intact inside the body and prevent to and fro movement of the tube. To collect the unwanted liquid a bottle or a pack is connected at the other end of the catheter which is actually used to collect the liquids or any kind of waste emanating from the body.

There are different methods adopted to clear the liquid from the body, however, the pigtail catheters are considered to be the best catheters for emptying the liquid from the body. These catheters are popularly used in removing the fluids from bile, urine or pancreatic liquids. The pigtail catheters are manufactured from various materials such as the silicone elastic, latex, thermoplastic, elastomers, etc. The materials that are used in the manufacturing of pigtail catheters are tested for quality and reliability before they are approved for medical usage. It is also highlighted that pigtail catheters are completely safe and unresponsive to body liquids. They should be carefully inserted, it is recommended to get expert help to insert pigtail catheters inside the body to avoid serious injuries.

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