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Manishmedi Innovation, a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialized surgical instruments to the medical sectors, has provided various stents and catheters for different medical use. To empty the liquids in the body or freshen up the pleural spaces inside the body, they have come up with an excellent solution called Pigtail Catheter.
How are pigtail Catheters used?
Several methodologies are implemented to empty fluids from the body and Pigtail catheters by Manishmedi Innovation are one such effective product that effectually removes body liquids without any pain or hassles. The pigtail catheters are used in eliminating fluids from bile, urine or pancreatic liquids.
 Pigtail Catheter has a curl at the end of the tube which resembles a pigtail and hence has taken the name after it. This structure also helps to hold the catheter intact.
 The material used in the manufacture of pigtail catheter is soft and smooth which eases the injection process and do not cause trauma to the tissue.
 The material used in the pigtail catheter is non-reactive to body liquid and hence it is safe to be used inside the patient’s body.
 The end of the tube is connected to a bag which is used to collect the liquid emptied from the body.
Why Manishmedi Innovation for Pigtail Catheters?
Manishmedi Innovation is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and makes sure that quality is never compromised. They use quality rich materials procured from certified vendors which are regularly tested for reliability by a team of experts before recommending it for medical use. With a very good supply chain, their products reach 45+ countries across the globe.

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