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PCN Catheter

Percutaneous Nephrostomy(PCN) is an interventional procedure used to relieve an obstructed renal collecting system. It is a safe procedure which is also used for tract creation for inserting devices, to remove stones or for taking tissue for microscopic examination, dilatation of ureteric narrowing and ureteral stenting. This procedure should be performed by expert radiologists in interventional radiology or by urologists.

The range of PCN catheter placement has been expanded and is widely used in the diagnostic and therapeutic procedure. The PCN catheter are tested and approved by experts before delivering for medical use.

Used for the temporary or permanent drainage & irrigation of urine from the kidney by direct puncture in presence of distal obstruction

  • Highly radiopaque for better visualization
  • Pigtail tip configuration for the retention of the distal tip in the renal pelvis
  • Soft and Flexible material for patient's comfort

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