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Single Lumen Femoral Catheter

Manish Medi is a femoral catheter manufacturer which comes in single, double and triple lumen. This femoral Catheter is utilised for dialysis understanding which is embedded into the femoral vein in the thigh. Our offered Catheter comprises a tube embedded into the vein with a needle and settled with restorative tape or joins. It is utilised to convey intravenous sustenance or drugs and is obliged when other access directed toward spot focal venous catheters are unattainable.

  • Efficient working, Much greater bursting strength
  • Packed in special damage proof packaging
  • Soft insertion for patient’s safety
  • Made with polyurethane
  • Clear PU extension
  • Made with polyurethane
  • MRI compatible
  • Kink resistant
  • Used in over-the-wire and over-the-needle insertion

Our single femoral catheters are made as per international standards to provide you with premium quality. In addition, we have a qualified R&D team to ensure the products are consistently being made with utmost precision to provide you with the safest solutions.

We also have the fastest delivery, export standard packaging, customised production and international quality standards.

Your safety is our utmost priority, and all are attempts are made in the same direction to give you nothing less than excellent.

We have become a prominent single femoral catheter manufacturer, supplier, and exporter with consistent product manufacturing and packaging excellence.

Single Lumen Femoral Catheter
Single Lumen Femoral Catheter
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