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Suprapubic Malecot Catheter

Suprapubic Catheter manufacturers

Manish Medi Innovation is the leading manufacturers of Suprapubic Catheter and other associated products for Urology, Radiology, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology and Nephrology

Suprapubic Malecot Catheters has a flower shaped Malecot which is extensively used in self draining of thick viscous fluids. The malecot catheter with the needle is placed inside small fluid filled cavities of renal pelvis for enhanced drainage of body fluids such as urine, bile and pus.

In another method the catheter can be inserted through a hole in the abdomen and then directly to the bladder. This procedure can be carried out under general anesthesia, epidural or local anesthesia. As the suprapubic catheter has direct access to the bladder, it reduces the risk of infection.

The patient may experience some discomfort and pain in the inserted area but it is very normal and the pain will subside soon. The procedure is very minor and can be completed in only 15mins. Nowadays suprapubic catheter manufacturers is used extensively as it has become the alternative option to patients who require an indwelling catheter.

  • There are different sizes available from 8Fr to 20Fr and the length varies from 25cm-35cm.
  • Easy insertion and providing great comfort for wheel chair patients.
  • Improves the life span of many patients
  • Malecot Catheters reduces trauma and damage of tissues.
  • Decrease the catheter combination with the micro-organisms found in bowel movements.
  • Malecot flower design for better retention and higher drainage of thick fluid

  • 8Fr to 20Fr
  • Length: 25cm – 35cm
Suprapubic Malecot Catheter
Suprapubic Malecot Catheter
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