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Biopsy Forceps

Manish Medi offers a complete range of high-performing disposable forceps. The Biopsy forceps are used to obtain samples in esophagoscopic and laryngoscopic procedures; they also remove foreign objects from nasal and aural cavities. We provide forceps in sizes 5Fr-7Fr.

They are designed for easy positioning to the target biopsy site. It comprises a specialised shaped blade that delivers sharp cutting performance. The coil is designed to provide the smooth insertion of the forceps. The Endojaw forceps also ensure minimal channel damage during the insertion of the forceps.

We make products standardised to international benchmarks and reach the medical industry's expectations. The Biopsy forceps are designed with the highest quality raw materials to ensure excellent safety is provided to you. In addition, there are length markers on the PE Coating that will help the operator observe the instrument place. The forceps are also welded by laser, which ensures a firm grip and structure.

  • 5Fr-7Fr sizes
  • Length markers on the PE Coating
  • Welded by laser
  • Specialised shaped blade

We ensure the forceps are designed for the safest operations. In addition, we make our products with the highest degree of raw materials to ensure that these serve the given purpose.

Your safety is our utmost priority, and all are attempts are made in the same direction to give you nothing less than excellent.

  • 5Fr - 7Fr
Biopsy Forceps
Biopsy Forceps
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