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Ureteral Access Sheath


Ureteral Access Sheath

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Ureteral Access Sheath is the minimal invasive method used in the ureteral dilation and facilitating the passage of flexible ureteroscopy and many other instruments through the urinary tract during the retrograde intra-renal surgery (RIRS). It is the most command method used to improve visibility, decrease intra renal pressure and provide easy access to the internal renal system. The Ureteral Access sheath is passed through the urinary tract with hydrophilic coating to allow the smooth passage into the ureter with sufficient resistance.

The Ureteral Access Sheath comes in various sizes ranging from 9.5/11.5Fr,10.5/12.5Fr,12/14Fr and length from 20cm to 55cm.

It protects the ureter, protects the scope and expedites stone extraction.

Ureteral Access Sheath is the best method to extract the fragmented stones, instead of multiple trips to ureter up and down.

Allows flexibility over ureteroscopy.

Reduces the time and allowing multiple passes while protecting the ureter.

Hydrophilic coating reduces the friction and provides lubricity.

It is safer to use and do not cause much pain in patients.

  • 9.5/11.5Fr, 10.5/12.5Fr , 12/14Fr
  • Length: 20cm to 55cm
Ureteral Access Sheath
Ureteral Access Sheath
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