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PCNL Forceps

Manish Medi Innovation is the premier manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment's to the hospitals for patients with various ailments related to urology, radiology, gastroenterology, gynecology and nephrology. PCNL forceps are used in the removal of fragmented stones from kidney after performing the Lithoclast procedure. PCNL forceps can also be called PCNL alligator forceps and PCNL stone retrieval Forceps. The procedure is done under general anesthesia with the patient lying face down on their abdomen with the catheter placed through the ureter or drainage tube. Then with the x-ray guidance the location of the stone in the kidney is found. Using ultrasonic and laser lithroscopy, the stones are fragmented into pieces and collected using the PCNL alligator forceps.

There are 4 types of PCNL forceps according to the requirements :
  • PCNL forceps with Crocodile Tooth
  • PCNL forceps with Alligator Tooth
  • PCNL forceps with Rat Tooth
  • PCNL forceps with Peanut
  • There are different types of sizes ranging from 5Fr, 6Fr, 7Fr, 8Fr, 9Fr, 10Fr, 11Fr, 12Fr and of length 360mm.
  • Causes less pain when compared to others
  • Requires small incision only up to 1cm
  • Increase in life span of patients
  • Higher success rate with less blood loss.
  • 5Fr, 6Fr,7Fr, 8Fr, 9Fr, 10Fr, 11Fr, 12Fr
  • Length: 360mm
  • Coocodile Tooth
  • Alligator Tooth
  • Rat Tooth
  • Peanut
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PCNL Forceps
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