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Percutaneous Nephrostony
Pigtail Catheter

Manish Medi Innovation is the superior pigtail catheter manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality surgical products to the medical sector associated to Urology, Radiology, Gastroenterology, Gynecology and Nephrology. Percutaneous Nephrostomy is a less interfering procedure where the excess amount of fluid is drained using a small catheter inserted directly through the skin into the kidney. It removes the excess of non –coagulable and non-viscid fluids. This method is also used in removal of excess fluids from the chest tube thoracostomy.

After inserting the drain the end of the catheter is twisted by pulling back the synthetic fibers and fixed. Then the end of the drain is connected to the urine bag. The Pigtail Catheter can be placed in patients for nearly 6weeks to avoid the leakage of drain till the catheter is removed.

The Pigtail Catheter manufactured here comes in various types :
  • Pigtail Catheter with Needle
  • Pigtail Catheter without Needle
  • Pigtail Catheter with locking mechanism and needle
  • Pigtail Catheter with or without urine bag
Advantages :
  • The length varies from 22cm-30cm and in different sizes like 6Fr, 8Fr, 8.5Fr, 10Fr, 12Fr, 14Fr, 16Fr, 18Fr.
  • The Pigtail catheter is very smaller in size
  • It is the safest procedure carried out with local anesthesia in drainage of excess fluid from the renal system.
  • The flexibility of catheter adheres only less pain during the procedure.
  • The insertion of Pigtail Catheter is easier and does not cause any complications.
  • This type of Catheter is even suitable for post traumatic draina
  • With needle
  • Without needle
  • With locking mechanisam and needle
  • With or without urine bag
  • 6Fr, 8Fr, 8.5Fr, 10Fr, 12Fr, 14Fr, 16Fr, 18Fr
  • Length: 22 – 30 cm
Percutaneous Nephrostony Pigtail Catheter
Percutaneous Nephrostony Pigtail Catheter
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