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Urology Path Finder (Track Finder)

The pathfinder by Manish Medi helps control the flow of irrigation for greater accuracy and enhanced visualisation during endoscopic procedures.

Our high-quality pathfinder helps enhance visualisation; you can compress the bulb attached to it according to various hand positions. It also provides a continuous flow and pulsatile action with minimal tubing. The scope moves quickly with a bulb attached, offering accurate delivery of bolus irrigation. The pathfinder or track finder is versatile, as it can be attached to any scope.

  • Better visualisation
  • Continuous flow
  • Accurate delivery
  • Bolus irrigation
  • Easily moved scope

All our products are made as per international standards to provide you with excellent quality. In addition, we have a qualified R&D team to ensure the products are being made with utmost precision to provide you with the safest solutions.

We also have the fastest delivery, export standard packaging, customised production and international quality standards.

Your safety is our utmost priority, and all are attempts are made in the same direction to give you nothing less than excellent.

With our consistent excellency in product manufacturing and packaging for two decades, we have become a prominent Urology path finder manufacturer, supplier and exporter.

Urology Path Finder (Track Finder)
Urology Path Finder (Track Finder)
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