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Double J Stent

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Ureteral stent manufacturers

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We provide double j stent and urology stent as best urology product manufacturers & Suppliers in Bangalore.
Your health and safety are our utmost priority, and we ensure the best quality product is delivered to you. All of our products underwent a standardised testing procedure and were sterilised and packed. Our Urology Double J stent price is reasonable, making them an economical and smart choice.

We always try to bring the highest quality products for the safest medical operations. Therefore, our products undergo a rigorous testing procedure before reaching you to give you the best-in-class products.

Key Features:
  • The pigtail loop avoids slippage and has excellent retention.
  • Highly radiopaque for better visualisation and has an extremely low encrustation tendency.
  • Tapering at both ends helps in easy penetration to the exact location.
  • Smooth surface for better insertion
  • We can utilise it for long-term dwelling
  • Radiopaque for better visualisation
  • Rapid insertion for minimised tissue irritation
  • 3Fr to 8Fr
  • Length: 8cm to 32cm
  • Open / Close end
  • one end multi loop
  • Both end multi loop
Ureteral stent suppliers
Double j stent price
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