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Ureteric Catheter

Ureteric Catheter is used for Retrograde Pyelogram, Drainage and navigation of tortuous ureter. The ureteric catheter is made of Tecoflex, which provides high compatibility and less irritation. Ureteric Catheter also known as Urethral Catheter and Urology Catheters. We have become a prominent ureteric catheter manufacturer, supplier, and exporter with our consistent excellence in product manufacturing and packaging for two decades.

  • Smooth passage in the tortuous ureter
  • Flexible open tip is designed for atraumatic passage into and through the ureter
  • Open end
  • Closed end
  • Cone tip / Bulb tip
  • 3 - 9Fr
  • Length: 70cm
ureteric catheter Manufacturers
ureteric catheter Manufacturers
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