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Gastroenterology Disposables Manufacturers

We are a renowned wholesaler of Gastroenterology, in the market. We provide various types of Gastroenterology products like Gastroenterology Disposables, pigtail catheters, disposables, Bilairy Stent, PTBD Catheter etc. Our gastroenterology products are available at pocket-friendly prices. Manish Medi Innovation is a market leader in manufacturing, distributing and exporting high quality Gastroenterology Disposables. A company with ISO 13485, 9001-2000 Certification is supported by high end research and development division with sophisticated and dedicated team of medical professionals. The company focuses and absorbs the latest international trends in the Gastroenterology disposables manufacturers products which are innovative with high quality standards available at cost effective and affordable prices. Some of the Gastroenterology Disposables include the following products.


  • Biliary Stents used to treat obstructions that occur in the bile ducts. Surgeries involved Bile ducts are common in the area of gastroenterology and Manish Medi Innovations is a market leader in producing and supplying these Biliary Stents.
  • PTBD Catheter
  • Pig Tail Catheters
  • Scleroptherapy Needles
  • Jejunal Tubes used in Endoscopy surgeries

  • All these products are used in several Hospitals with Gastroenterology specialization and medical professionals and doctors are highly satisfied with the quality and overall performance of these Gastroenterology Disposables manufactured by Manish Medi Innovations. Manish Medi Innovations have world class machinery and uses best quality raw materials in the manufacturing of these disposables. Testimonials by several medical professionals about the quality of these products speak volumes of the quality and service.

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