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Used for drainage, retrograde pylogram, atraumatic entry of ureteral orifice & navigation to tortuous ureter. The bladder dysfunctioning with urinary retention or incontinence is governed by products and devices used to collect or contain urine. Dysfunctioning of the bladder can end in retention of the urinary system, in this situation the urine is not sufficiently emptied from the bladder. In urinary incontinence UI, the urine is involuntary or unwantedly the leaks from the urinary system. Among the products and devices used for the aid of bladder dysfunction are the urological catheters suppliers. It is useful for both men and women of all ages and also comfortable for old and disabled individuals.

  • 16G, 18G, 20G, 21G, 22G and 23G
  • 15cm to 25cm
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Urology Catheters Manufacturer

Short term (Intermittent) Catheters

  • They are used by people suffering from urinary incontinence; the catheters are generally thrown after using once. The intermittent catheters are placed inside the body via urethra to drain the bladder fully.
  • The urology catheters manufacturers produce products and devices keeping all these cases in consideration and produce clinically proven products. These are excellent products and devices adhering to the medical standards of the Industry. ISO 9001:2008 certified production, has a business process that has inflated assessment by the expert employees. The urology catheters are of high standard and reliable, and also cost effective with user specification, comes with a wide range of selection which works best for you.

Indwelling Catheter (Urethral or Suprapubic catheters)

  • Also called as Foley catheters, used for longer period of time where the catheter is inserted inside the body of the patient. Suprapubic Catheter is another type of indwelling catheter that is connected to the bladder through the abdomen and is done by a surgical procedure.

ExternalCatheters (Condom Catheters)

  • Here the urinary catheter is used outside the body and is replaced timely for the purpose of hygiene. Men can use this external catheter just like wearing a condom and women can use it like a pouch, a very economical choice to people in discomfort.

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