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hemodialysis catheter manufacturers

Hemodialysis Catheter Manufacturers

Hemodialysis is done when your kidney fails to remove the extra fluids from your body in urine; this can happen for many reasons.

Hemodialysis Catheter Manufacturers provide non-permanent vascular access for hemodialysis until permanent access is available or another type of dialysis therapy is substituted.

The multiple lumen catheters contain two large-bore lumens attached to the dialysis machine to build a complete circle to remove and return the patient’s blood during the treatment. The intra-catheters are made for percutaneous introduction using the Seldinger Technique. The catheter can be modified using the existing puncture.

  • It is exceptionally smooth and has a non-thrombogenic surface. Thermosensitive softens as it warms to the body. Soft inside and outside surfaces prevent clot formation. Radiopaque facilitates quick visualization under X-Ray.
  • Soft insertion
  • Made of polyurethane
  • Compatible with MRI
  • Soft tip for patient’s comfort
  • Kink resistant

People now prefer minimally invasive surgical methods over traditional ones due to more safety and fewer chances of infection. Your health is our utmost priority, and we never compromise upon our manufacturing and packaging standards. We always try to bring the highest quality products for the safest medical operations. Our products undergo a rigorous testing procedure before reaching you to give you the best-in-class products.

We have become a prominent Hemodialysis Catheter manufacturers, supplier, and exporter with consistent product manufacturing and packaging excellence.

  • Single
  • Double
  • Triple Lumen
Nephrology Hemodialysis Catheter
Nephrology Hemodialysis Catheter
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