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ptbd catheter

Radiology PTBD Catheter

Used for Trans-hepatic biliary drainage

  • Pigtail shape for better retention

PTBD is a treatment process for biliary obstruction; it includes locating the obstruction and putting a catheter to drain the bile. The procedure is appropriate for patients who want to avoid surgery or surgeries are too risky for them.

PTBD Catheter by Manish Medi is used for Trans-hepatic biliary drainage. The catheters are made with the highest quality raw materials to ensure the patients' safety.

  • Designed for patient's comfort
  • Have smooth surface for better insertion
  • Sterile, single-use only
  • Available in different sizes

Our catheters are designed for the patients' comfort, made with high-grade raw materials. The catheters are used when the patient faces any blockage in the biliary duct. One end of the catheter is attached to your small intestine, and another one comes out of the body, attached to the drainage bag.

Our PTBD catheters are made as per international standards to provide you with premium quality. In addition, we have a qualified R&D team to ensure the products are consistently being made with utmost precision to provide you with the safest solutions.

We also have the fastest delivery, export standard packaging, customised production and international quality standards.

Your safety is our utmost priority, and all are attempts are made in the same direction to give you nothing less than excellent.

We have become a prominent PTBD Catheter manufacturer, supplier, and exporter for two decades with consistent product manufacturing and packaging excellence.

  • 8Fr - 14 Fr
  • Length: 30cm, 60 cm
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