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Radiology Hydrophilic Guide Wire

Manish Medi Innovation is the leading manufacturer and distributor of surgical equipmentt to hospitals in the areas of urology, radiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, and nephrology. Hydrophilic Guide wire provides a high level of lubricity to cross difficult areas due areas during the surgical procedure. The hydrophilic coating easy navigation of guide wires to reach a particular segment. The hydrophilic coating reduces wire whipping, minimizes friction and promotes rapid catheter exchanges.s.These guidewires are very thin and flexible wires which guide largest instruments like catheters, feeding tubes and central venous line.

They are available in two types :
  • Straight Tip Hydrophilic guide wire
  • Angle Tip Hydrophilic guide wire

The size of the guide wire ranges from 0.028, 0.032, 0.035, 0.038 and length about 150cm Hydrophilic guide wires do not get rust or damaged even after prolonged use. Hydrophilic wires have high successful rate when compared to the normal conventional wires. They can be easily tracked while navigating through the vessels. It remains as best support system for passage of another device. The guide wire tip reaches the desired location through the vessel The hydrated gel on the guide wire provides maximum amount of lubricity with long lasting durability

  • 0.028, 0.032, 0.035 and 0.038 inch
  • Length: 150cm
  • Straight Tip
  • Angle Tip
Radiology Hydrophilic Guide Wire
Radiology Hydrophilic Guide Wire
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