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Jejunal Feeding Tube

Manish Medi Innovation is the leading manufacturers of Radiology Jejunal Feeding Tube to the patients who cannot take food directly through the mouth. They also manufacture products for problems associated with urology, radiology, gastroenterology, gynaecology and Nephrology

The Jejunal Feeding Tube is a soft plastic tube inserted through the skin of the abdomen to the jejunum which is part of a small intestine. This procedure is entirely carried out during the endoscopy. Jejunal tubes are prescribed for patients who have gastro intestinal problems, pancreatitis and severe acid reflux. These tubes are safer and less expensive when compared to other feeding tubes.

The main purpose of Jejunal tube is supplying nutrition and medicines to the patients who cannot take it orally. The tube can be placed in the patient’s abdomen till the conditions improve. Jejunal tubes should be flushed every 4 to 6 hours using sterile water to avoid the entering of pathogens into the feeding tube. The tube should be removed when there is an occurrence of blockage. There are two types that include

There are two types that include :
  • Jejunal Feeding Tube with guide wire
  • Jejunal Feeding Tube without guide wire
The size of the Jejunal tube varies from 5-16Fr and length from 120-200cm :
  • Reduces trauma
  • Reduce weight loss in patients with supplying enough calories
  • Improve the immune system of the patients
  • Hygienic with single use only.
Set consists:
  • Smooth surface for better insertion & less trauma to tissue

  • With guide wire
  • With out guide wire
  • 5 – 16 Fr
  • Length : 120 – 200 cm
Jejunal Feeding Tube
Jejunal Feeding Tube
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