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Double J Stent

As the kidney related diseases and problems began to increase, the term urology becomes more advanced. Thus, our Double J Stent Manufacturers have made a new invention; and with this modern invention, treating all types of urinary disease goes easy. Wherein, formation of kidney stones has also turned into the lifestyle disease, and is found in the people of all ages and religion. In order to pull out the stone from the kidney, a new device called ‘Double J Stent’ has been invented.

Key Features:
  • Thin Wall Design for maximum drainage
  • Tapered at both the ends – for easy insertion
  • Highly radiopaque for better visualization
  • Smooth surface for easy insertion
  • Smooth surface for easy insertion

  • 3Fr to 8Fr
  • Length: 8cm to 32cm
  • Open / Close end
  • one end multi loop
  • Both end multi loop
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