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Grasping Forceps
(URS and Cysthoscopy)

Manish Medi is your trusted Grasping forceps manufacturer when it comes to quality and durability. The grasping forceps are being used for stent and foreign body retrieval or manipulation of fragmented stones from the kidney. These are designed for objects which are difficult to grasp with a wide jaw.

We have been manufacturing medical devices for two decades, serving in more than 45 countries with a world-class manufacturing facility of 30000 sq. ft.

We provide two types of jaw designs: Alligator tooth and crocodile Tooth and they are specially designed to be used during flexible cystoscopy.

Our grasping forceps are available for 2.0mm or larger channels and are ideal for retrieving ureteric stents. For easing the use, the grasping forceps come with a short-throw handle. They are available in 3Fr-7Fr sizes.

  • Alligator tooth and crocodile
  • Specially designed for flexible cystoscopy.
  • Available in 2.0mm or larger channels
  • Short-throw handle.
  • 3Fr-7Fr sizes.

As the medical industry progresses, medical devices are becoming safer. People now prefer minimally invasive surgical methods over traditional ones as they are safer and have fewer chances of infection.

Your safety is our utmost priority, and we never compromise upon our manufacturing and packaging standards. We always try to bring the highest quality products for the safest medical operations. Our products undergo a rigorous testing procedure before reaching you to give you the best-in-class products.

  • 3Fr - 7Fr
  • Crocodile Tooth
  • Alligator Tooth
Grasping Forceps (URS And Cysthoscopy)
Grasping Forceps (URS And Cysthoscopy)
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